Stackable Microwave Cooking Set


A stackable microwave cooking set with four inter-changeable pieces. This versatile design allows you to cook anything from a single food right up to a full meal, ensuring everything is ready at the same time. Depending on the dish being prepared, the microwave can be paused and a new element with food added to the stack before the cooking process is resumed. The set comprises a main cooking pot for preparing rice, pasta or potatoes; a steamer basket for vegetables, fish or meat; a griddle for cooking foods such as bacon, and a reversible lid which doubles as a base for the griddle and steamer or as a stand-alone microwave plate. 

• Set comprises 2-litre cooking pot, steamer, griddle and lid
• Stackable design allows you to cook an entire meal in minutes
• Integrated handles in pot and lid ensure easy removal from microwave
• Dishwasher safe.
• Dimensions: 9.74" x 8" x 6.75"

 The power rating (wattage) specified on the packaging is for guidance only. All microwaves vary, please adjust the cooking time to suit your appliance.
Cooking guidelines included.

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